Agira was a gigantic flying devilman ridden by Akira Fudo during the events of the conclusion of the Devilman manga, in Devilman Lady, and the fifth story of Neo Devilman. He was given a back-story in the fourth story by Ken Ishikawa. His scenes from the fifth story was later integrated into the Revised Edition of Devilman.



A young Agira

Agira's body was large and flat with most of it forming into wings. He had a long sauropod-like neck and tail, a large tuft of hair on his head, and relatively small white eyes. His human face was on his Devilman form's forehead.

The fourth story show that he once had a more humanoid appearance, with two antennas on his head, a claw for his right arm and a Demon Buster's firearm attached to his left. He had a demonic face on his stomach and his mother's face was on his chest. He gains his final form gradually by merging with other devilmen and demons.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Agira is able to fly and survive even in the depths of space. He could also fire a highly powerful ray from his mouth capable of wiping out large areas. Before his final form this is shown to be constantly fusing with demon and other objects, being able to hack into flesh with his claw and fire with his gun arm.


In Agira's story in Neo Devilman, he is shown to be near emotionless, living only to fight and kill. He apparently searches for a true meaning to life which later turns out to be fighting for Akira.



After Akira hears of the arrest of his step parents by the Demon Busters, he calls together the entirety of the demon Corps and goes into fight. He rides Agira to the Anti-Demon Corps HQ as he and the other Devilman tear down the Demon Busters empire.


  • The Demon Bible originally named him Lamegdlle and it is implied that the demon he fused with is a singular demon and not a fusion of many.
  • The Neo Devilman backstory by Ken Ishikawa draws some parallels to the Demon Beasts from Ishikawa's manga, Maju Sensen including the reports where Agira was said to have eaten his mother.