Agira was a gigantic flying demon that was seen in the conclusion of the first arc of Devilman Grimoire.


Agira was a gigantic flying demon whose main body was large and flat which formed into skin-based wings. His reptilian head had a long sauropod-like neck and tail, a long mane going down his neck, and small white eyes. At the end of his tail was a large tuft of hair. On his forehead is a demonic face.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Agira was able to glide with his large wings for long distances. He was also able to emit a high pitched sonic scream.


Not long after the death of Wagreb, the two demonesses Illuge and Aleda lead a small armada of flying demons while riding on Agira. Amon transforms into his flying form and flies at the armada. After a while Agira screams and the entire armada forms together and forms the demon Imclugent.