Agwel is a demon from the Devilman manga. He is one of Sirene's two lackeys (the other being Ghelmer) who is sent to kill Akira Fudo and the Makimura family.


Agwel is a small, slime-like demon whose only distinguishable features are his deeply sunken eyes, his mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, and a pair of antennae. His skin is either blue or light green.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Agwel is able to render himself and his surroundings tangible and intangible at will as a slime-like substance. His large teeth are effective for biting opponents, particularly when they are restrained by him.


Agwel has the behavior common to demons; a large ego influenced by Social Darwinist behavior. This causes him to underestimate his foes, a mistake that proves fatal when in battle with Akira.



Agwel was summoned along with the water demon Ghelmer by the beautiful demon Sirene in a plan to eliminate Devilman, Agwel was sent to kill the Makimura family sucking Kozo and Akiko Makimura into the walls. Not long after he attacks Akira Fudo when he tries to break into the bathroom to save Miki, sucking him into the floor. Akira beats Agwel back and he retreats. After recovering Miki, Agwel attacks again but Akira who was in his mid-transformation wrapped his antenna around Agwel's neck and pulled his head off. Agwel spluts out a final threat before dying.

Devilman LadyEdit

Agwel appears in a flashback of Akira's when he was thinking of the various demons he had encountered over the years. 


  • Agwel has only had one figure released being the pawn in the Devilman chess set.
  • Agwel was advertised by Marmit to get a figure, but sadly it never got released.
  • Despite having a similar appearance, the demon that appears at the beginning of the second volume is not Agwel, but Urutph.