Agwel in Devilman Grimoire

Agwel was a small amorphous demon who worked for the demoness Sirene. He was sent alongside Ghelmer to kill Devilman and the Makimura's.
  • Agwel (Manga): Agwel is sent alongside the water demon Ghelmer to kill Devilman and the Makimura family, however he his head ripped off by Akira.
  • Agwel (Grimoire): Agwel again serves Sirene, but appears to be her second in command and is shown to be a far more prominent villain.
  • Agwel (OVA): He is sent by Sirene to do the same role as in the manga. 
  • Agwel (CB Chara): Not evil but merely annoying, Akira when he first saw him thought he was a piece of walking poo.
  • Agwel (Crybaby): Sirene's servant.