Akira Fudo
Vital statistics
Name Akira Fudo
First Appearance CB Chara Go Nagai World
Physical attributes
Species Devilman
Powers Flight, Super strength, able to emit beams
Alignment Good
For other versions of this character see:
Akira Fudo (Disambiguation)

Akira Fudo is the main primary protagonist of the three part series CB Chara Go Nagai World


Akira is a chibified version of his OVA incarnation. He was usually shirtless and had black hair with sideburns, he also had red stripes on his shoulders. In his Devilman form his skin darkens and he grows bat like wings from the side of his head. He has some short antenna and large wings.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Akira was able to fly with his wings and regenerate his wounds. He possessed super strength and could fire a ray from his antenna.


Akira was a hot headed and fast person, he instantly became good friends with Koji Kabuto after they both realized they had a similar personality. He cares deeply for his friends and even tried to get along with his enemies.




  • While his appearence is based from the OVA series, he calls his attacks similar to his 1972 anime counterpart. This was mentioned in the Discotek DVD's Liner Notes​.  

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