Akira Fudo
Vital statistics
Name Akira Fudo
Kanji 不動明
Kana ふどう あきら
Hepburn fudō akira
First Appearance Devilman (TV): Ep 1
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers Unknown
Alignment Good
For other versions of this character see:
Akira Fudo (Disambiguation)

Akira Fudo is a minor character from the Devilman TV series, however unlike his manga counterpart he was a minor character overshadowed by the demon who took his form.


Akira was a well built and attractive boy in his late teens, he had a muscular body, brown eyes and messy brown hair. His preferred clothing seems to be a yellow shirt with red outlines and an A on the left chest area, and a pair of blue jeans.


He is seen exploring the Himalayas along with his Father Professor Fudo when the two fall through a crack in the ice. They are then confronted by four demons Rerasu, Daruni, Zennon and Devilman. They are both killed and Zennon tells the others to fight it out for control over Akira's body. Devilman wins and uses Akira's body convincing many people its really him throughout the series.

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