Aleda is a minor demoness that first appeared in the original Devilman manga. She worked together with Jinmen and a unnamed Tunnel Demon to capture and eat defenceless people.


Similar to Illuge, Aleda could easily pass as human when clothed, her attire of choice being a large fur coat that covered her body.

Removing her coat reveals that her entire midsection is a grotesque face, with eyes forming from her breasts, a large nose, a mouth with sharp teeth extending to her crotch area, and gigantic ears forming her shoulders and upper arms. Her hands are long, sharp claws.

Abilities Edit

Aleda had long thin claws on her hands to attack with, and the stomach on her mouth could bite and tear into flesh.



Aleda was in a plot alongside the sadistic turtle demon Jinmen and a gigantic tunnel demon, in which they would kidnap people on subway trains as the entire train is devoured by the tunnel demon, where upon Aleda and Jinmen would then set upon them, killing or eating them.

One of these trains was the 16:10 Shinkansen which was carrying the young girl Sachiko, a friend of Akira Fudo's. Sachiko notices that they had travelled into the tunnel demon when the tunnels walls start to change. Jinmen comes through disguised as a train conductor and reveals his demon visage. The frightened passengers run back to the back of the train running into Aleda dressed in her coat, they try to get past but she throws off her coat revealing her true demonic form.

Devilman Lady:Edit

Unown demon 3

Aleda in Devilman Lady

Aleda briefly returns in the manga Devilman Lady. After having met with Jun Fudo in the depths of Hell, Akira had a flashback to all the various demons that he had fought over the years during his time as Devilman, before his death. Among the demons was Aleda, standing in a crowd alongside the likes of Sirene, Ghelmer, Vervalka, Agwel, Trijask, Wagreb and many more.

Trivia Edit

  • Aleda never battled against or even met Akira during the events of the original Devilman manga, meaning her presence in Akria's flashback in Devilman Lady, is either an artists oversight on the part of Go Nagai, or that a battle between the two occurred between the two off panel.
  • Aleda partially appears on the cover of the seventh volume to Devilman Lady amongst a large crowd of demons.