Aoi Kurosaki was one of the main characters of the manga Devilman Lady. She suffered from schizophrenia and because of this it caused her Devil form to have a male personality often making it unclear whether or not she was good or evil. Aoi is similar to Sirene, both being characters who love the protagonist but who's morals are left somewhat grey.


Aoi was a woman in her late twenties, she had a muscular build and loomed over other people standing at least a head above them. She had brown eyes and short brown hair. Her initial Devil Beast form resembled a mutated great white shark with her body hanging out on top and tentacles, claws and fins spread across her body. As Devilman Noir she had a more humanoid form with black fur across her body and purple skin. She had sharp claws and a pair of mighty horns capable of cutting through flesh.

Powers and AbilityEdit

Aoi was a highly capable swimmer and fighter, this intensified in the Devil Beast form where she could breathe underwater and swim great depths, and her teeth and claws could easily prove fatal. Her second form, Devilman Noir allowed her to have heightened agility, super strength and powerful claws, the horns on her head could be used to ram and throw her enemies also. Aoi's Devilman factor was unique in that she unconsciously used her abilities to change her anatomy with most of her body acting masculine save for her face and chest but could even grow a penis out of her groin area.


Aoi was a unfortunate girl who was continuously raped and abused throughout her young teens by her step-father while being neglected by her jealous mother. Because of this she became schizophrenic and had multiple personalities, unfortunately one of these personalities was a ravenous demon trying to take over her body and even convinced her to kill people starting with her step-father. Even after the demon was removed she retained a masculine personality as well as her more sensitive one. The kinder side of her was friendly and shy, however her masculine personality is far more destructive and bloodthirsty. Both sides of her were in love with Jun Fudo although the masculine side was far more ready to have sex with Jun and would have happily raped her if not for an intervention.


Trivia Edit

  • According to artbooks, Devilman Noir's name and appearance is based on a black cat for its reputation of bad luck.
  • In the manga Mazinkaiser SKL Versus, an enemy mecha called Kurola DL-7 is stated in the data section to be based on Noir while having a harpy-like body, this likely makes reference to when Sirene fuses with Aoi's body.