Army of 100 Demons
Vital statistics
Name Army of 100 Demons
First Appearance Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Demons
Powers Various
Alignment Neutral

An army of a 100 demons under the command of the demon general Zann mentioned in the original Devilman manga. Very little is known about the army, the title may not give justice to the numbers in it, or prehaps it is really just 100 of the strongest demons amongst Satan's troops, which may certainly be the case seeing how the only three confirmed members (Sirene, Jinmen and Rasber) are certainly amongst the most powerfull demons encountered.


  • Zann: The general of the Army, seemingly a demon of great power, despite having little chance to use it.
    • Sirene: The first confirmed member of the 100 Demons, she did however act on her own accord to try and revenge on Fudo.
    • Rasber: The second of Zann's troops to attack, he used his mind controlling webbing to attack Akira, but his arrogance proves to be his downfall.
    • Jinmen: A large turtle like demon who devoured the young girl Sachiko deliberately to spite Akira.

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