Baian S2
Kj mv baian-s2
Vital statistics
Name Baian S2
First Appearance Mazinger Z vs Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Mechanical Beast
Powers Strong Armour, Pin missiles, Rolling
Alignment Evil
Baian S2 was a large armadillo like Mechanical beast that was used by Dr. Hell and used to fight the Mazinger Z.


Baian S2 was a large golden colored Mechanical Beast, it was stoic and hunchbacked  coverd in layers of spikes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He could shoot exploding spikes from the horns on its head, he could also roll up into a spiked ball and roll around at fast speeds.


Baian S2 was called upon by Dr. Hell and Baron Ashura when the Mazinger Z piloted by Koji Kabuto lands on Dr. Hell's Flying Fortress the Navalon. He alongside several other Mechanical Beasts surround the Mazinger, Baian attacks first by rolling up into a ball and charging at Mazinger, Mazinger fires at it but it does no damage and he is knocked to the floor by the Baian, it tries a second time but as it unraveled from its ball it was shot in the head by Mazingers missiles destroying the beast.


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