Vital statistics
Name Bau
First Appearance Mazinger Angels
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Teleport, Burrowing
Alignment Evil
Bau was the older brother of Lyamon and a minor character in Mazinger Angels vs Devilman.


Bau was a massive demon with six stubby legs, a pudgy face and a small pair of antenna and small white eyes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bau could levitate, turn invisible, burrow underground, whip antenna and a long constricting tongue, he could also teleport which was exclusive to Mazinger Angels vs Devilman.


Bau was sent out alongside his sister Lyamon and a demon named Bugo, to kidnap women for Dr. Hell's Mechanical Beast, one of the girls was Miki Makimura specially chosen by his leader Zannin.

He is later killed when the Navalon is destroyed by the Great Booster.

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