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The Black Sabbath was a major event and location from the original Devilman manga, where Akira Fudo fused with the demon Amon.



Ryo Asuka arranged the Sabbath when he invited a large group of hippies, perverts, and general social drop out to a party at his home. Later he brings his friend Akira Fudo to the Sabbath with the intention for them to both become Devilmen. Needing only to spill blood Ryo sets about killing his guests, until they start to fight back and both Ryo and Akira begin to get beaten themselves.

Luckily for them, however, the demons began to fuse with the guests, starting with the female demoness Welvath. Slowly more guests are transformed until a large majority have turned. After feeling little to no effect, Akira breaks down due to fear and thus fuses with the mighty demon Amon. However his pure heart successfully dominates that of Amon's and he becomes the Devilman. WIth his newly obtained powers, Akira slaughters the demons and rescues Ryo, albeit the latter was left in critical condition.

Amon: The Darkside of DevilmanEdit

In the Amon manga, the insane psychopathic Devilman Cadney is seen as a guest at the Sabbath. But instead of getting killed or fusing with a demon, he becomes a Devilman similar to Akira, however his twisted mind convinces him that he is the only one true Devilman.

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Devilman: The Birth Edit

In this OVA, which largely follows accurately the events of the original manga's first volume, The Black Sabbath is also featured and Akira becomes Devilman in the process. It differs from the manga in that the Sabbath resembles more of a heavy metal rock concert rather then a go-go club, although the attendants behaved and dressed in provocative manner in the same amount as they did in the manga. Instead of a band performing the music it was provided by a surround-sound audio system. Aside from these changes, some demons were omitted from the event, while others took their place.

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  • Light it Up
  • Show Must Go ON

Amon: The Darkside of Devilman (OVA) Edit

In this OVA, only the Sabbath's conclusion was shown via a recording provided by Ryo Asuka for the media. The events are entirely original, with Akira first having been beaten by demons who weren't present in any other adaptation of the Sasbbath, and after fusing with Amon, Akira brutally rips-apart the breasts of a demoness and eats them. Just as in other versions, Satan mislead the events shown and as a result the Sabbath's broadcast fueled humanity's paranoia and led to rioting in the streets.