Buragga S1
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Vital statistics
Name Buragga S1
First Appearance Mazinger Z vs Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Mechanical Beast
Powers Eye Beam, Razor blades, Axe
Alignment Evil
Buragga S1 was a massive Mechanical Beast controlled by Baron Ashura. He was sent to try and destroy the Mazinger Z alongside Zaurus F1


Buragga S1 was a golden colored Mechanical Beast, he had a large black chest piece and a razor blade on the center, he has red compound eyes and large blue gems in place of his ears. He had a black ponytail and carried a large axe.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Buragga S1 had a large amount of strength and carried a large double sided axe that he could throw like a boomerang. He could also fire lasers from his eyes and could shoot a buzzsaw from its chest. 


Buragga S1 was sent out by Baron Ashura alongside the reptilian Zaurus F1 to try to destroy the Photon Power Labratory. They both start to cause chaos around the mountains drawing the Mazinger Z and Aphrodite A out to fight, Buragga tried cutting into Aphrodite A several times with his axe and lasers but was shot in the back and destroyed by Mazinger's missiles. 


  • Judgeing by his attacks it seems that the Burraga was based on the Garada K7 from the original Mazinger Z, Zaurus F1 also has similar attacks to Garada's partner Doublas M2.


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