Caliorruar was a giant and incredibly powerfull demon that was ridden by Satan towards the end of the final battle against the Devilmen.


Caliorruar was a giant reptilian demon with seven hydra like heads. He had bright scarlet skin and short arms with claws as well as a long and twisting tail at the back.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Caliorruar was a giant demon with incredible strengh. He could fly and was able to survive the harsh atmosphere of space. It's likely it had other powers that were not shown in the story.



At the conclusion of the twenty year war between the demon race and the Devilmen that had ravaged the planet a final battle is held, Satan leads the demon army whilst rideing Caliorruar and does battle with Akira Fudo.

Devilman LadyEdit

After Jun Fudo and Lan Asuka finally reform together back into Satan and s/he joins forces with Akira Fudo to fight with God, Satan once again calls on Caliorruar to fly him into battle out in the deepest depths of space.

Neo DevilmanEdit

Devilman: Strange DaysEdit

Caliorruar is seen being ridden by Satan in the final battle with Akira Fudo.