Cutey Honey
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Vital statistics
Author Go Nagai
Illustrator Go Nagai
Published on 1973
Published by Kodansha

Cutey/Cutie Honey is one of Go Nagai's most popular franchise alongside Mazinger and Devilman and has had a great number of spinoffs and sequels. Due to this it has many ties to the Devilman series.


After the young android teen Honey Kisaragi's father was murdered by an agent of Panther Claw, she decides to become a fighter of justice and battles against the evil forces of Panther Claw led by the villainous Panther Zora and Sister Jill. As the story goes on she makes friends with the Danbei family and eventually slaughters Sister Jill, however the threat of Zora and Panther Claw remains ever present.

Honey in DevilmanEdit

  • Devilman appeared in New Cutey Honey at a few different points, as a short cameo and as a gargoyle.
    • Miki appears in a photo alongside a large group of past Nagai characters in a photo taken with Mayor Light.
  • Akira appears at the beginning of the second episode of Cutie Honey 1973.
  • Akira Fudo appeared in a scene with Miki in Re:Cutey Honey when Miki was caught in a net.
    • Also briefly seen in Re was the Devilman Mico and her demon suit Tollg.
    • Another briefly seen character was someone who closely resembled either Himura or Hikaru Tomoda from the anime series.
  • Ryo Utsugi also appeared in Re:Cutey Honey as one of the protestors looking for Honey.
  • Devilman Lady appeared in Go Nagai's crossover manga Cutey Honey vs Devilman Lady where Jun Fudo is sent by Lan Asuka to locate a Devil Beast in Honey's school encountering Honey as Cutey Honey.
  • The character Seiji Hayami from Devilman Lady is a reference to the character of the same name from Cutey Honey, at one point he is seen praying to his father who looked just like Seiji from Cutey Honey.
  • In Cutie Honey 90, Tarantula Claw is based on the demon Adal from the Devilman anime, even the powers are near enough the same.
  • Honey appears briefly in the OVA series CB Chara Go Nagai World.
  • She is also a main character in Dynamic Heroes a large scale crossover.
  • Miki Saotome from Live has her name derived from Miki Makimura and Michiru Saotome from Getter Robo.