Danube α1
Tumblr mmnyyvjrgh1s082wko1 500
Vital statistics
Name Danube α1
First Appearance CB Chara Go Nagai World
Physical attributes
Species Mechanical Beast
Powers Unknown
Alignment Neutral
Danube α1 was a Mechanical Beast presumably created by Scrotheim Heinrich. 


Danube was a giant in size, she had blue and grey color scheme a long tentacle on her head, spiked shoulders and a panel on the stomach with seven circled patterns on it. On her chest was the face of the young android Loreli Heinrich.


As Koji Kabuto had a flashback back to when the world was still normal and non deformed he remembers his battle with the giant mech Danube, he charges forward to strike but he is suddenly brought back to his senses by Akira.

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