The Demon Generals were three highly powered demons of the Demon Tribe who served underneath Zennon as his highest command officers.


The Generals consisted of: General Zannin (Ep 4-14), General Muzan (Ep 15-25) and Demon Marshal Lacock (Ep 26-35). They were all powerful and each had various demons working under them. Whilst Zannin's soldiers were varied, a majority of Muzan's were female and all of Lacock's were items of her clothing.


  • The final adversary of the series God was originally planned to be the fourth general but due to the climax of the series he was made the final enemy instead.
  • The closet thing to the demon generals in the manga was Demon General Zann.
  • The 3 demon generals were later given a spiritual successor in the form of The Four Demon Kings of the 2002 Demon Lord Dante anime.