Demon Special Investigation Team
Vital statistics
Name Anti-Demon Corps, Demon Special Investigation Team, Special Investigation Team, Akutoku-tai
First Appearance Devilman
The Demon Special Investigation Team was a massive organization that was founded by Dr. Rainuma after the initial worldwide attack from the Demon race. It was designed to combat against Demons, however in actuality a large number of their executions were of Devilman and Human lives due to being unable to tell the difference between the groups.


The Corps was set up by Dr. Rainuma after the worldwide Demon attack, which killed thousands. After experimenting on captured Demons and Devilmen, he designed weaponry and battle armor tasked to destroy the Demons. The Demon Busters were created and began to police the streets, executing anyone who was vaguely believed to be a demon in disguise. Their methods however proved to be very cruel and misguided; as Demons and Devilmen had no biological differences and there were no way to tell when humans have already turned, the acts have killed more humans and confused Devilmen than actual demons. Eventually Akira Fudo the leader of the Devilman Corps, brings down the main HQ and kills a large portion of the Demon Busters, presumably ending them.

Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman Edit

The Special Investigation Team is reorganized in the alternate story with a newly built headquarters. The Vatican is also revealed to be the European station of the Special Investigation Team while the one in Japan is the Special Investigation Team of Japan. When Dosu-Roku and Meriken-Jo try to intercept Amon near there after Amon destroyed the headquarters.

Leaders, Locations and EquipmentEdit

Leaders Edit

Locations Edit

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Bacteria Gun
  • Heat Ray

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