The Demon Tribe
Vital statistics
Name The Demon Tribe
First Appearance Devilman (Hiruta Manga)
Physical attributes
Species Demons
Powers Dependent on the Demon
Alignment Dependent on the Demon

The Demon Tribe is the main antagonistic force in the Devilman manga written by Mitsiru Hiruta. Led by Zennon, the tribe had plans of mass murder and world domination.


Led by the demon lord Zennon, the Tribe went around causing bloodshed, chaos and madness. They are often seen targeting Akira Fudo and his loved ones for Akira's interference. However all who have battled with Fudo have ended up dead.


  • Devilman: A powerful demon warrior who is sent to earth by Zennon, however he ends up fusing with Akira Fudo, with Fudo taking control.
  • Zennon: The leader of the tribe, a vicious and sadistic demon lord who wanted to take over the world.
  • Sirene: A female bird winged demoness and Devilman's first opponent.
  • Ebain: A female centaur like demoness who collected the arms of skilled fighters, gunmen, racers, etc. with extreme force.
  • Adal: A spider like demon who attacked Miki Makimura alongside Zaldover.
  • Zaldover: A vampiric demoness who attacked Miki along with Adal.
  • Lafleur: A gigantic two faced plant demoness who could turn from a grotesque giant into a beautiful blonde.
  • Jewel: A demon with a diamond body and a deadly blade.
  • Gondoroma: A powerful demon who could control animals and make them incredibly vicious.
  • Kentos: A sadistic demon with bizarre powers and deadly feathers.
  • Dagon: A hunched over shelled demon who attacked Devilman via his odd powers.
    • Stamp Demons: Weak demons created by Dagon to kill Devilman.
  • Vetra: A manta ray demon who had spider like powers.
  • Zannin: A canine like demon who sends Vetra to attack.
  • Abil: A pyromaniac demon who worked with Zool to cause chaos.
  • Zool: A dim witted puppeteer who made voodoo doll like sculptures of humans.
  • Jacon: A cat demoness who stole peoples souls.
  • Bela : A female demon with demonic faced breasts and large wings.
  • Auora: A beautiful demon who proves to be little threat to Devilman.
  • Weathers: A powerful demon who could control the weather.
  • Magdora: A dangerous demon dubbed the Flying Lava due to his body made of magma.
  • Dremoon: The strongest of the Demon Tribe able to control the gravity of the moon, the tides and even create small black holes.

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