Devil Beasts are monstrous creatures that came from humans due to a genetic trait called the Beast Factor. The Devil Beast are seen as evolutionary deviant of humans due to various factors that brought upon this. Devil Beasts are often differentiated between the similar Devilmen for their ferocious nature and their hostility towards humanity.

Summary Edit

By the DBP mark, a person becomes a Devil Beast when undergoing a physical or psychological event that causes an activation in the Beast Factor. Devil Beasts as their name implies are demonic creatures that tend to resemble animals including cats and sharks. Each Devil Beast is different depending on shape, size, strength, intelligence, taste, and abilities. Most Devil Beasts have vicious natures and often take the roles of predators who maim and kill anything in their path. Later as more sentient Devil Beasts begin to spring up, the Devil Beast name is used to refer to beast factored beings that while sentient have great murderous intent and are generally Social Darwinists. While Devil Beasts tend to all have different powers, some have demonstrated some of the same categories including potential abilities they have yet to fully manifest including the Giga Effect and the ability to fuse with other Devil Beasts.

List of Devil Beasts Edit

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