The Apocalypse of Devilman: Strange Days
Vital statistics
Author Yu Kinutani
Illustrator Yu Kinutani
Published on 2005
Published by Kodansha

The Apocalypse of Devilman: Strange Days (デビルマン黙示録 STRANGE DAYS, literally "Devilman Apocalypse: STRANGE DAYS") is a manga written and drawn by Yu Kinutani. It is presented as a side story to Kinutani's previous manga, Amon: The Darkside of the Devilman, but also works as a stand-alone spin-off to the original Devilman manga. It was collected in a single volume.

Plot Edit

The story focus on the members of the amateur rock band The Flyers, during the time after the formation of the Anti-Demon Corps and the final battle between Akira and Satan. Their relationships as well as the struggles they face cause the group to split apart and choose sides when the time came into the Demon and Devilman war.

Main Characters Edit

  • Kira Udoa: Extroverted and emotional vocalist and guitarist of the Flyers. Joins Akira's side during the final battle.
  • Ryuu Kasuka: Introverted and calm first-guitarist and vocalist of the Flyers. Joins Satan's side during the final battle.
  • Rokurou Ozu: Drummer of the Flyers. Romantically involved with Saki.
  • Makippe Mikimura
  • Saki Mikimura
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