Devilman (Film)
IMDB devilman poster
Vital statistics
Director Hiroyuki Nasu
Writer Machiko Nasu
Release date October 9, 2004
Studio Toei Company
Devilman is a live-action film adaptation of the original Devilman manga. It was directed by Hiroyuki Nasu and was released in Japan on 9 October, 2004.

Plot summary


Critical reception

The Devilman film was universally panned by critics, citing the poor use of inexperienced actors in the form of idols such as the Izaki twins as the main drawback. Many have also criticized the progression of the film as the events had moved so fast, no time was used to develop the characters. Domestically the film did much better in terms of box office. However, in terms of critical reception it was given three rewards for recognition as the worst film of 2004. The only remotely good award received was Best Special Effects at Asia-Pacific Film Festival in 2004.


  • It might be worth noting that Hiroyuki Nasu has directed 20 movies prior to Devilman, including the adaptation of popular manga series Be-Bop High School, which won him a Best Director award at the 8th Yokohama Film Festival.
  • This film was released six months after the release of Cutie Honey (film), another film based on a manga by Go Nagai.
  • In the mid 90's horror director/producer Brian Yuzna, the special effects artist Screaming Mad George and producers Aki Komine and Taka Ichise began working on a live action Devilman film. According to Brian Yuzna they had a complete script that was following the manga and animes very closely. However, the project was cancelled because of some disagreement between Komine and Yuzna, but also due to the limitations of special effects of the pre-CGI era.[1]


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