The Devilman Corps was the army of Akira Fudo/Devilman, many of them were humans that during the demon suicide possessions that occur shortly after Zennon shows of the existence of demons to humanity however unlike many of the possessed who died, their good and pure soul dominates the consciousness of the Demon and became Devilmen. There were also some humans in the Corps. Many of the surviving Devilman Corps joined Akira in the final battle against Satan. However in the final twenty year war many of them are wiped out.


After a mass suicide run of demons merging with normal or sane people Akira and Ryo devise a plan to summon anyone who managed to remain dominant over the demonic possession and form an army to battle the forthcoming demon forces.

Akira manages to form a large army of Devilmen as well as several humans, when Akira's step parents are arrested Akira gathers his army and sends them to destroy the Anti-Demon Corps HQ

After Akira finds Miki, Tare and Masa dead, he forms the entire army together and sets off to battle Satan's demon army. A twenty year war erupts however Akira and the Devilman Corps are wiped out and Satan wins dominance, but goes into depression after the death of Akira.

The deceased Devilman are sent into Hell, however when the Demon Lord Dante was released from hell the Devilman Corps came with him, Akira encounters Ryo and they agree to settle their differences and go against their foe and accidental creator God.


  • Akira Fudo: The leader of the Corps, he fused with the demon Amon.
  • Mikiko Kawamoto: A young teen girl who was subjected to cruel experiments by the Demon Busters, she fused with the demon Tollg.
  • Dosu-Roku: A young teen gang leader, at first an enemy of Akira's but later becomes loyal friends with him, in the Amon manga he fuses with three elite Devilmen to battle a recently emerged Amon.
  • Massami Izumi: A young female Devilman and ex schoolteacher, she fused with the canine demoness Puffurle.
  • Agira: A gigantic saurian Devilman composed of many smaller demons used as a mount when Akira went into battle.
  • Devilman Despereaux: An arachnid like Devilman who is a minor character in the original but has a more relevant role in the Amon manga. He fused with Despereaux.
  • Bonds of Hinduism: A group of ancient Tibetan monks with highly overpowered psychic abilites.
  • Devilman Kabuto: A female beetle like Devilman seen only in a single scene.
  • Devilman Nulda: A female snake like demoness who fused with the demoness Nulda.
  • Devilman Maligera: A feline Devilman she was seen twice in the underground HQ. She fused with the demon Maliigera.
  • Devilman Ijam: A frog like Devilman, killed in the fight against the Demon Busters. He fused with Ijam.
  • Devilman Mosumorin: A moth like Devilman who fused with the demon Mosumorin.
  • Devilman Banyugu: A Devilman seen in the fight against the Demon Busters. He fused with the demon Banyugu.
  • Devilman Jugomaru: An insane looking aquatic Devilman seen briefly sadly being killed by Demon Busters. He fused with the demon Jugomaru.
  • Devilman Jisutt: A four armed Devilman seen in the fight against the Demon Busters. He fused with the demon Jisutt.
  • Devilman Saludra: A large lizard like Devilman, he fused with the demon Saludra.
  • Devilman Felazoth: a blue fused Devilman, he fused with the demon Felazoth.


  • Tetsuya: One of Dosu-Roku's gang, he was a capable fighter despite never fusing with a demon.
  • Miharuri: A teen who armed with a machine gun stood gauged at the Devilmen Corps under ground HQ.
  • Masa Bokuto: A brave and loyal fighter, he along with Dosu-Roku ran the gang that originally attacked Akira, however he later becomes one of his most trusted friends and dies protecting his girlfriend Miki from an insane mob of humans.
  • Meriken-Jo: A fat gang member who battled with fist tablets, he was best friends with Dosu-Roku.
  • Ryo Asuka (Satan): Despite being the main foe of the original series, he and Akira originally set up the Corps together, this was before he had his true memories restored however.