Despereaux was a Devilman who had merged with a spider like demon and became a member of the Devilman Corps, he became good friends with Akira Fudo and served close to him, and after Amon regained control in Darkside, Despereaux briefly became the leader of the Devilman Corps.


Despereaux could revert back and fourth between his human and devilman form, he had several long arachnid like limbs stretching from his head and a shell like helmet on his head protecting a near human face with a spike decorating the center, the rest of his body is covered in shell like armor, he had several other spider legs on his chest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Its unknown if Despereaux had any projectile attacks but he is seen relying on his brute force in his brief fight with Amon, indicating he had a good deal of strength. It is also shown that he had at least a mild psychic ability when trying to contact other Devilmen.




Despereaux is only seen in a single scene in the original Devilman, when Dosu-Roku gets back reporting to Akira that he had located a young Devilman child and that they needed to psychically contact the boy, and goes on to decide that they needed to try and contact the Devilman across the world, He tells the other Devilman to try and contact the others but have no luck however a disembodied voice calls out and reveals itself to belong to one of the members of the Bonds of Hinduism who tell the other Devilmen that they would be able to contact the other Devilmen using their far superior psychic abilities. 


Despereaux and Puffurle

Amon: The Darkside of DevilmanEdit

In a timeline taking place after the events of the original Devilman, Despereaux has a more important appearance. Shortly after Amon had regained control of his abilitys after Akira went into depression over Miki Makimura's death he went on a rampage around Japan and started killing in masses, having realized that it was no longer Akira, Despereaux and a group of other elite Devilmen come together and confront him. Amon simply mocks them, Despereaux manages to contain his anger but as Amon continues to mock him he lets out a tear and lunges at Amon with the other Devilman following behind. However Amon being as strong as he is simply kills them all in a few strikes, Despereaux is quickly killed being decapitated by Amon's wing, Amon grabs his head and after killing all the other Devilmen Amon looks down at Despereaux's head before absorbing it into himself.


Despereaux welcoming Dosu-Roku and Mico

When Amon had completely wiped out the Earth the timeline is restarted and Despereaux is again seen shortly after Akira's first battle with the insane Devilman Cadney, Despereaux is seen alongside several other of the elite Devilman who had previously been killed Amon, Despereaux comes down from a ledge and comforts Dosu-Roku and Miko after having lost several of there friends in the battle with Cadney and welcoming them into the Devilman Corps.


  • Whilst not appearing in the OVA itself Despereaux's legacy lived on in the form of Saylos who takes Despereaux's role. Several of the Devilmen that assisted him in his fight against Amon also appear as part of Saylos army.
  • Despereaux is never given his true name only his codename, but in Devilman Grimoire his counterpart is named Rei Haguro.
  • Despereaux is never seen in his full Devilman form in the original series; however in various artworks by Nagai, Despereaux is seen in his full Devilman form.