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Devilman Ijam
Vital statistics
Name Devilman Ijam (Codename)
First Appearance Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Unknown
Alignment Good

Devilman Ijam was a minor Devilman who died in the attack against the Anti-Demon Corps HQ.


Devilman Ijam was a tall hunched Devilman that resembled a frog, having webbed fingers and toes and had exposed veins across his back and head.


As demons across the world go on a suicide run merging with normal people among them was a demon named Ijam. However instead of dying the human dominated Ijam and became a Devilman.

Later as Akira Fudo called together a massive Devilman army to battle the Demon Busters. Devilman Ijam was among them, however as the attack goes on he is shot by a machine gun square on the head killing him.

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