Devilman Kabuto
Vital statistics
Name Devilman Kabuto, (Real name unknown)
First Appearance Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Devilman
Powers Unknown
Alignment Good

Devilman Kabuto was a female Devilman and a member of the Devilman Corps. She only appears in a single scene of Devilman.


Kabuto had a near human appearance, just with a large beetle like horn centered on her head and armor covering the rest of her head, and a large spike on the back, she also wore a striped dress.



Kabuto was seen with several other Devilmen, she was sitting between Akira Fudo and Despereaux. She and her friends attempt to contact other Devilmen around the world when a strange voice mocks their psychic powers, Kabuto looks about in confusion only to see the Bonds of Hinduism teleport in front of them and says that they are using their supreme intellect to summon the other Devilmen.

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