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Name Devilmen
First Appearance Devilman
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Devilmen were a combination of humans and demons possessing the bodies of demons but with the reason and will of humans.

Description Edit

When a demon attempt to take over a human body that was either insane, paranoid, or in panic as a result of instinct a demon would easily have an opportunity take over the human body. However if the human was of a pure and innocent soul or possessed a powerful will that resists the temptations of demons they would have a chance to dominate the demons' spirit and take control of its powers and appearance, as well as have access to all the demon's thoughts and memories. Many Devilmen joined the Devilman Corps to combat the demon race. Later in Devilman Lady it becomes apparent that the ability to become a devilman was dormant in all humans.


The Devilmen can retain their human appearance and transform into their devilish half at will, when they transform they often look exactly like the demon they dominated. However there are some exceptions where they are unable to fully retain their human appearance such as the girl Mico.

Behavior Edit

A Devilman that subdued a demon's body snatching through will often has the same personality they had as a human. However when a Devilman is not taken over by a demon because of having a pure heart filled with innocence like Akira Fudo they begin to exhibit behavior similar to the demon he/she possesses seen when Akira became more aggressive after fusing with Amon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Devilmen have all the powers and abilities of the demons they merge with as well as any special abilities they had as humans. Some are known to gain psychic powers such as telepathy with the Bonds of Hinduism being the most powerful.

List of DevilmenEdit

In DevilmanEdit

  • Akira Fudo: Akira was the most famous of the Devilmen becoming one after fusing with Amon, he was the leader of the Devilman Corps.
  • Michiko Kawamoto: A female Devilman that fused with a minor demon named Tollg, she was kidnapped by the Demon Busters and experimented upon.
  • Agira: A massive flying behemoth of a Devilman that Akira used for long travels and combat.
  • Massami Izumi: A young female ex-school teacher with a good knowledge on Christianity, she fused with a demon named Puffurle and becomes a good friend with Akira.
  • Bonds of Hinduism: A group of five powerful psychic Hindu monks who help Akira trace other Devilmen.
  • Devilman Despereaux: A arachnid-like Devilman with long spikes and legs sticking out of its body.
  • Devilman Kabuto: A female Devilman with beetle-like implements.
  • Devilman Ijam: A minor frog-like Devilman who dies in the attack on the Anti-Demon Corps HQ.
  • Devilman Nulda: A minor snake-like Devilman who dies in the attack against the Anti-Demon Corps HQ.
  • Devilman Flowber: A minor moth-like Devilman who dies in the attack against the Anti-Demon Corps HQ.
  • Devilman Maligera: A minor feline-like Devilman.
  • Devilman Saludra: A red reptilian Devilman.
  • Devilman Felazoth: A large fur covered Devilman.
  • Devilman Jisutt: A insect-like multi-armed Devilman.
  • Devilman Jugomaru: An insane looking aquatic Devilman seen briefly sadly being killed by Demon Busters. He fused with the demon Jugomaru.
  • Devilman Mosumorin:  A moth-like Devilman who fused with the demon Mosumorin.
  • Devilman Banyugu: A Devilman seen in the fight against the Demon Busters.