Ditoss is a demon who possessed the father of Tare's friend Susumu in the Devilman manga.


The rest of his body is not seen, but he has the head of an anthropomorphic dog.


Before being transformed, Susumu's father was a kind man who worked late and rarely saw his beloved son. When his wife, Susumu's mother, is taken over by a demon, she and another demon posing as a dog beat Susumu every night until his father gets home. Susumu tells him about what his mother does when he is away, but he won't believe him.

One night, however, his father arrives home just before one of his wife's attacks against their son. Susumu cries at his father's feet and says that his mother is hurting him. In response, he takes off his hat, revealing that he had been possessed by the demon Ditoss. He sarcastically asks how his mother is hurting him, and together the three demons viciously murder the child, decapitating him and feasting on his body.