Dorango is a major supporting character from Devilman Grimoire. Similar to his original counterpart Dorango was the best friend of Amon and battled alongside him many times. However, he always strived to battle Amon but never got the chance to do so. When he finally does so he is defeated and instead joins his group against the demons.


Dorango is several meters tall. His design is somewhat different from his original design, since instead of having lines across his body, his chest has a large blue snowflake-like mark and has a large snowflake-like structure on his back and his head is covered in ice-like horns which complete the back shape.

His human disguise was that of a very effeminate and handsome man with dark skin, spiked white hair, and bright blue eyes. He always wears the same clothing, which consist of a white shirt and black trousers.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dorango like all demons has the ability to fuse with other demons and other objects, he could also fly and transform into a human disguise, he had brilliant hand to hand combat skills, he could freeze people and objects at will, as well form any object he wished out of ice. He had some regenerative powers also.


In his human form of Koichi Tomoda, Dorango acts casual and cool enough to get other people's attention rather easily. His true personality however is that of a snarky yet caring person who sticks up for those he considers friends.



  • He has some ties to Ryo Asuka/Satan from the original manga such as a vaguely similar design and empathetic character.
  • His design is actually based on his original concept work by Ken Ishikawa.