Vital statistics
Name Drango
First Appearance Devilman (TV): Ep 20
Physical attributes
Species Demon
Powers Flight, Cyrokinesis, Claws
Alignment Good
For other versions of this character see:
Dorango (Grimoire)
Drango was the monster of the week in the twentieth episode of the Devilman anime series. Unlike a large majorityof his fellow Demon Tribe members, Drango cared for and liked the human race, and was best freinds with Devilman before his departure.


Drango was a tall humanoid demon, he had an ice motif, having a white body, he had blank pupiless eyes with blue stripes underneath, and a set of four large sharpend horns bent downwards. He had two large spikes on his neck. Down his body and arms were a pair in lines on each side. He had sharp claws and toes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Drango possessed Cyrokinesis allowing him to freeze objects as well as fire a kind of ice beam, He could also disperse into a white cloud allowing him to fly. He also had sharp claws he used for combat. His ice powers also allowed for him to spread booby trapped ice blocks around which would react at random times.

In human form, he was strong enough to end a challenged boxing match between him and Devilman (as Akira) in a draw with both recieving a knock out.


Drango was different to many of his kind, instead of wanting to dominate the world for their own selfish needs, Drango was more passive and liked the human race. Before Devilman betrayed the Demon tribe he was best friends with Drango, and Drango still cared for him afterwards refusing to kill him when he easily had the chance. Whilst disguised as a human he tried to rekindle his friendship with Devilman who was disguised as Akira Fudo, at the same time he formed a close friendship with Miki Makimura a young human girl.



  • His role in the anime is very similar to that of Zennon of ​Mao Dante in that both characters were once the best friend of the protagonist being forced to kill the other.
  • Drango's human form greatly resembles the character, Sosuke Oshiba (also from Mao Dante).


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