"Dream" is the thirteenth story in the manga Neo Devilman. The art and story was done by Miki Tori.

Synopsis Edit

The story begins with a young boy, Mochizuki Tadashi, travelling through the school ground. He eventually walks towards a bantam coop and, after noticing the door opened and bloody feathers on the ground, he investigate, only to find the decapitated head of the bantam.

The scene switches to the teacher's lounge, as the principal comments on rumors of strange diseases worrying the kids. One of them asks if they should contact the police, to which he responds no, saying it would be bad if the situation gained public knowledge. One teacher, Ijima, with female teacher, Shindo by his side, argues it will spread from the children to the parents anyways. The vice principal and principal are quiet, before concluding on distributing handouts.

After that, the scene turns to a giant, black figure ominously looming over the school. Mochizuki sees this and starts to run away as the figure's clawed hand reaches for him. He tries to outrun it and from the school building all the teachers are watching him in amusement, including Ijima and Shindo. MochizukI continues to run until he steps on a sticky substance, slowing him down and causing the claw to decapitate him.

Mochizuki wakes up in the infirmary as Shindo calls his name and asks if he was awake. The nurse mentions that the strange occurence are because of the vice-principal's announcement of an early retirement that year, before she too notices Mochizuki is awake. As Shindo and Mochizuki walk to his class, Shindo mentions she called his mother, but apparently she couldn't come from home to the school. She suspects it's because of the heat, but notes that his mothe, too, could be affected by a bad mood, like many others. Mochizuki is seen focusing on Shindo's upper legs.

The aforementioned "bad mood" is demonstrated as Shindo is seen stressing over her chaotic students. She repeatedly tells them to be quiet, but they continue to run rampant. during this, a fellow classmate of Mochizuki, Mimura, teases him, saying him passing out was actually an excuse to skip gym class. Another classmate tells Mimura to stop, but he continues, saying Mochizuki is strange and that he comes twenty minutes early to school due to the bantam. Shindo yells for them to be quiet, only to be ignored. She notes that this is strange behavior for them, thinking it wasn't like this a little while ago.

Mimura is revealed to have taken a personal book of Mochizuki contains diary entries of him noticing the consistent strange dreams he's been having. Mimura reads it aloud as Mochizuki tries to get it back. Suddenly, Ijima bursts into the room telling them to shut up, much to Shindo's surprise. He then smacks Mochizuki.