Esunotto is a minor recurring Demon from the original Devilman


Esunotto had a large build, with lizard like scales covering the entirety of his body. He had blank pupil-less eyes and his head had two large horns on either side. Spiked shoulders with a pair of demonic faces on each side, and another pair with the same design on the top of his legs. His hands and feet formed into long talon like claws.


Esunotto could somehow fly, and was armed with long sharp talon-like claws for combat.


Esunotto was first seen after Akira Fudo was knocked out by one of Psycho Jenny's psychic attacks, Esunotto flies down alongside a group of other demons and planned to kill him. However they are stopped when Zann flies down and forbids them from doing so as Satan wanted Akira to stay alive, shocking Esunotto and the rest of the demons.

Esunotto is later seen among the demons that raided Ryo Asuka's house, shortly before he had his memories restored as Satan by the demoness Psycho Jenny.