Esunotto was a minor demon seen in the animated film, Devilman: The Birth. Esunotto was among the group seen towards the end at the Black Sabbath.


Esunotto was a humanoid demon with some slight reptilian features. He seemed to have a rocky skin and large horns spreading from his head. He also had a distorted face on his shoulders.


Esunotto was present at the Black Sabbath held by Ryo Asuka in the basement of his home. Esunotto is seen briefly as the demons finished possessing their victims. He is killed off screen after Akira Fudo transformed into Devilman and went on his blood fueled rampage.


  • In the origonal Devilman manga, Esunotto didnt appear till much later on as a minor reccuring enemy that appeared after the demon lord Zennon gave his speech to the world.