Fat Ostrich Gang Member
Vital statistics
Name Unknown
First Appearance Devilman
Physical attributes
Species Human
Powers None
Alignment Evil
For other versions of this character see:
Mico's small friend
The Fat Ostrich Gang Member was a member of a small gang of delinquent girls that robbed houses.


She was short and overweight with a ugly trollish face with big teeth and lips. Her hair was braided like pigtails.

Personality Edit

The girl was rude and repulsive in character. It did seem however that she was in charge of the gang.


The girl along with Gusuko and another member are seen waiting by an alleyway close by to the home of Mikiko Kawamoto late one night. When she passes by she notices the girls who beg her to rejoin their gang, it quickly becomes clear what they wanted her to do for them and she rebukes the offer before fleeing.

The next morning she and the other unnamed girl find Mico on the way to school, informing her that Gusuko had been arrested. Mico calls them stupid and insults them as she tries to carry on her way but the two girls angrily slam her against her a wall and begin to rip away her clothing to shame her, only to find her horrific and malformed body. Mico temporarily takes leave of her senses and accidentally sprays them with acid turning the two to sludge.

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