Fewture Models is a Japanese toy company that was founded in May 1982, since then it has released mostly
Few devilman pkg
licensed figures from many various franchises such as Ultraman, Dr. Slump, Alien and Predator, as well as several Go Nagai brands such as Getter Robo, Devilman and Mazinger Z which is the company's most popular line and has also released a side series of steampunk style figures called Mazinger 1901. The Devilman line ran for three series and each figure had several colored variants and some figures such as Zann had resculpts. The fourth season was sadly cancelled and several figures that had been previously unmade were to be in it including Texsch, Puffurle,Bondage  Sirene , Industrial Kaim and Nirasawa Devilman.

The Devilman FiguresEdit

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