Gardalza was a demon from Devilman: The Birth appearing as a minor antagonist, but it had a cameo in Devilman: The Demon Bird.


Gardalza was mostly brown, it had hair on the back of its head, and four long legs. It had a large eye on the center of its head, with eight red smaller ones on the top of its head, sharp teeth below the main eye, and it had two claws which it could use for battle. It had a large black and yellow thorax on its back.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is shown to be able to weave large webs,move quickly on its legs and attack with its large claws.


Devilman: The BirthEdit

Shortly after Ryo Asuka had explained to origins of the demon race to Akira Fudo, they prepare to return to the Makimura Residence. However before they could do so, the she demon Illuge uses her sonic screams to blast out the window's and immediately after Texsch comes crashing through the ceiling, they run only to see the Gardalza coming the other way. They get outside and get a distance before being attacked by Illuge and several other demons. After dealing with them they return to Ryo's house, they see Gardalza weaving a web in the hallway. They run past but the demon notices them and chases them, Akira and Ryo get into an elevator and try to start it up. It proves troublesome to get going but it descends just before she reaches them. 

Devilman: The Demon BirdEdit

While Akira has a nightmare due to Amon the demon that he had gained the powers of, he comes across Gardalza encased in a large block of ice alongside Jinmen and Texsch.