God is the primary antagonist of Demon Lord Dante. They are an alien being of energy that once invaded earth and created the demons from its people.

Appearance Edit

When first appeared, God would often take the form a giant pillar of light. In the flashback created by Medusa, God had shown other forms, one notable form is that of a fiery sphere with the face of a lion while another is that of a giant female animalistic form with the head of a dog.

Contrary to popular belief, God is not a single entity but a collection of multiple entities merged into a single energy being within the series as is shown when he splits off, creating various physical manifestations (one of them appearing feminine even).

Powers and abilities Edit

As a being of pure energy, he has many abilities involving it.

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History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike other incarnations of God, they did not make the demons by accident as it is later revealed that they had given them their energy in order to instigate war.
  • God's thrive for warfare between planetary locals is very similar to modern interpretations of Ares, the Greco-roman god of war.