God from the Devilman (Anime)

is the primary yet rarely seen antagonist in the Devilman and Demon Lord Dante franchises. In Dante, he is a evil alien that attempts to wipe out the demon race in their human state, but inadvertently gives them special powers. In Devilman he is the creator of the Angels including Satan. He created the Earth but also accidentally made the demon race. When God tries to wipe them out he is stopped by Satan, entering a battle that goes on in a continuous loop.

God in DanteEdit

  • God: An evil alien that comes to the earth in the Cretaceous era and attempts to wipe out the demon race. However in his brashness he inadvertently gives some of them special powers.
  • God (True Dante): Again, an invading alien who took to the earth as a false prophet and fails in destroying the demon race. Instead, he simply creates more foes for himself.
  • God (New Dante): An alien conglomerate entity, built up up weaker beings.
    • Gods: The beings that are a part of the one minded entity known as God.
  • God (Dante Anime): A genocidal alien who invades the Earth in the Cretaceous era, and battles against the Demon Race.

God in DevilmanEdit

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    God in Devilman

    God: The rarely seen true villain of the Devilman franchise, he attempted to wipe out the demon race but failed. By the time the demons, make their move God moves on and punishes Satan for their betrayal.
  • God (OVA): Seen only briefly at the start of the first OVA as he goes into battle against Satan.
  • God (TV):  The final foe of the Devilman anime. This being rather than a force trying to destroy the demons, he is instead the strongest of the entire Demon Tribe.
  • God (Amon): A ancient being intent of "purifying" the demon race.
  • God (Crybaby): The unseen antagonist that serves as a catalyst for many of the disasters to follow.