Greater East Asian Students


Vital statistics

Names Unkown
First Appearance Devilman Lady
Species Devilbeast/Demon
Physical attributes
Powers Super Strength
alignment Evil

The Greater East Asian Students were the first adversaries of Jun Fudo in the Manga Devilman Lady. They were also the first time that a Devilbeast fully transforms into a demon.


The Students all looked older than Collage aged students, they were all strong and members of the Karate club. Many of them looked to be in their late 30's to 40's. In the Devilbeast form they are all similar looking, resembling large werewolf creatures with bones sticking out of their chest and back.

Powers and TestabilityEdit

Even before their transformation, they were strong due to being in the karate club. In their Devilbeast forms, they were even stronger with large teeth and claws added into the mix.


The Students were staying in the cabin on the mountains next door to Jun's Tennis club. Later in the night the girls set up a campfire and are approached by the Students asking if they wanted to have sex, once rejected they turn to leave only to be attacked by a swarm of bats, the students Beast forms start to kick in and they devour the bats, Jun is bitten on the head and runs inside. Later the students burst into the shack, killing the boys and start to rape the girls, on tries to rape Jun but she transform for the first time into Devilman Lady and slaughters the monsters with ease.

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