Haribiyun V6
Vital statistics
Name Haribiyun V6
First Appearance Mazinger Angels
Physical attributes
Species Mechanical Beast
Powers Flight, Grappling Hooks
Alignment Evil
Haribiyun V6 was a Mechanical Beast from the Mazinger Angels vs Devilman crossover arc.


Haribiyun V6 is massive in size, he has no arms or legs instead he has rockets for flight, with grapples on the top, he has a tiny face which can split in half.

Powers and AbilitysEdit

Haribiyun V6 was able to fly useing its rockets, and use the grapples for combat.


Haribiyun V6 was sent out alongside the demon Bugo to try and slow down the Aphrodite A whilst rideing on the Great Booster, it came close to attacking however  it is almost instantly shot down by the Great Booster alongside Bugo.

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