Hell is a dimension created by God as a prison for the souls of his enemies. This included Demons, Devilmen, Titans and even Humans. It is a seemingly unending realm full of danger and bloodshed. It is impossible to die in Hell; instead, when killed, souls would just reassemble over time. What was not impossible, however, was a soul escaping from Hell. Some demons seemed to have control of certain areas of hell; such as Charion and the Sphinx. All those trapped in Hell, however, were eventually released when Dante was freed from Hell. In doing so, a tear in reality was created, allowing movement between Hell and the dimension Earth resides.

Locations in HellEdit

  • Cocytus: The lowest realm of Hell, an ice covered wasteland which entrapped Zennon.
  • The Sea of Blood: A ocean filled with blood where people would savagely attack each other for their own safety.
  • The Forest of Suicide: A forest of people who had committed suicide and formed into trees.