Hell is a dimension created by God as a prison for the souls of his enemies. This included Demons, Devilmen, Titans and even Humans. It was a seemingly unending realm full of danger and bloodshed. It was impossible to die there, instead when killed they would just reassemble over time. It was however not impossible to escape from Hell. Some demons seemed to have control of certain area's such as Charion or the Sphinx. All those trapped in Hell however were eventually released when Dante was freed from Hell breaking a tear from reality into the Earth.

Locations in HellEdit

  • Cocytus: The lowest realm of Hell, an ice covered wasteland which entrapped Zennon.
  • The Sea of Blood: A ocean filled with blood where people would savagely attack each other for their own safety.
  • The Forest of Suicide: A forest of people who had committed suicide and formed into trees.

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