Himmler better known as Iwao Himura was a major supporting character in the original Devilman anime series, he was sent to assist demons in trying to defeat Devilman. He is one of the more fondly remembered characters despite appearing in only a small amount of episodes.


Himmler's true demon form was that of a large blue bat like demon with a cat like head and horns. However the form he seemed to prefer was his human disguise. As Himura, he resembles a late teens boy with brown hair and spiked sideburns, blue jeans a white t-shirt with blue stripes, and a blue scarf. At times he also wore a bikers jacket with a black skull on the back.

Powers and Abilities

Himmler was not a strong demon, with only only powers being able to fly, use a human disguise, and emit a black fog from his mouth to distract enemies. As Himura, however its shown he was a skilled biker, fighter, and even an artist.


Himmler was a bit of a troublemaker, however he was intelligent and cunning. He used his charms to get close to Miki Makimura to make Devilman jealous. However during Devilman's confrontation with Gondoroma he seems to show genuine feelings for her, which were a bit more sincere than before. It is also shown he had feelings for the demoness Lafleur even vowing revenge for her when she died.



  • Himura is one of the better remembered characters of the original anime, its interesting to note he first appeared an episode after Zannin and they both died in the same episode.
  • His true form's name, Himmler may have originated from Reichsfuhrer of the S.S., Heinrich Himmler.
  • Himura was essentially the anime version of Ryo Asuka/Satan although the similarities are small, however in Devilman Grimoire Himura is in Ryo's image, but his devilman form is of Zannin, with Himmler (The demon) being a different character.
    • The Devilman: Roman Annual which has the designs of the anime but follows the manga storyline places Himura in Ryo's place.


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