The Hornet Demoness was one of the demons at the Balck Sabbath, she only appears in Amon: The Apocalypse of Devilman.


She resembled a humanoid hornet, she had a pair of large insect wings, her body was covered in spiked yellow armor with black tiger like stripes, she has two short antenna, around her face, hands, breast and crotch area she has more human like features.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

She would have been able to fly with her wings and presumeably cause some damage with her various stingers.


The Hornet Demon was one of the partyers at Ryo Asuka's. She possesed a human body transforming her into what she is, when she is fully turned she starts to attack Akira Fudo amongst the other demons, however as the attack goes on Akira begins to transform after mergeing and dominateing the spirit of Amon, afterwards the Hornet Demoness and the others are all slaughterd in a one sided battle.