Illuge is a demoness seen briefly in the original Devilman manga, notable for being the first demon directly encountered by Akira Fudo and Ryo Asuka. Despite her short appearance in the manga and only appearing in two of the spin offs, Illuge and her somewhat controversial appearance have become iconic in recent years, often referred to when fans talk about the demons of the franchise.


At first glance, Illuge appears to be a normal human female with long black hair. However, once she disrobes, it is seen that she has sharp teeth, wings forming from her arms, and on her crotch area she has a second, reptilian face with a long forked tongue.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Illuge can fly using her wings, and her lower mouth can emit sonic waves capable of shattering glass and can call for reinforcement.



While Ryo is driving Akira home, his path is blocked by a robed woman. He stops and groans at what looks like a possible hitchhiker. However, the woman casts her cloak aside to reveal her horrific form as the demoness Illuge. She then lets out a scream through her second mouth which completely shatters the car windows. Not long afterwards, several more demons emerge and ambush the two, leaving Ryo with no choice but to head back the way he came.

Neo DevilmanEdit

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