Imclugent was the leader of the gigantic armada of flying demons sent by Zennon at the beginning of the demons first initial attack on Earth.


Imclugent appears to be a mass fusion of several demons, it is massive in size with long legs and a even longer tail, large bat like wings and a large center head being something like a blind bird on a long spiked neck, and a man and a woman being centered on two long arms being the main controller of the beast.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Imclugent can fly with its wings and shoot a massive red flame from its center head. Presumably, due to its massive bulk it would have a lot of strength. Its main attack was to emit anti gravity beams capable of lifting things and objects up off of the ground and could also emit explosive rays from the beak on its centeral head.



After the Demon lord Zennon has announced the truth of demons and that their attack would commence within five minuets a large armada of flying demons come flying through Japans sky being led by the massive Imclugent, they start to destroy the surrounding landscape setting fire to buildings and people alike.

Imclugent sets out the first attack as it begins to obliterate several tanks with its explosive breath bolts, and throws others into thee air with its anti gravity beams.

Neo Devilman:Edit

It breifly returns in the first story of Neo Devilman, As Akira walked among the wreckage of Tokyo and past the Anti-Demon Corps HQ, the dead body of Imclugent is seen laying in the rubble alongside that of Yageba's.


  • Its possible that Imclugent was based apon Toho's King Ghidora a giant three headed Golden Dragon that was also able to emit anti gravity beams.
  • Another possibility is that it was based on Adam and Eve with the serpent going down the middle.