Vital statistics
Titles Unknown
Gender Unknown
Age Devilman Grimoire
Physical attributes
Species Unknown
Powers Unknown
Alignment Unknown
For other versions of this character see:
Irufuno (OVA)
Irufuno is a minor demon from Devilman Grimoire, she is partnered alongside Ryibyi to capture Tsubasa Rainuma, but is killed.


Irufuno had the body of a skinny woman with short hair, she had blank eyes and a large pair of compound eyes at the top of her head, she had a pair of dragonfly like wings on her back.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Irufuno was able to hover and fly using the set of dragonfly like wings attached to her back.


Ieufuno partnered with the leaf demon Ryibyi both attempted to capture Tsubasa Rainuma in a park they corner her, however Tsubasa kills them both using her psychic powers, making them explode. 

It is later shown Irufuno was resurrected in a Black Sabbath held by Dr. Rainuma, once she had merged with a human she went on a killing rampage slaughtering the unchanged humans alongside her fellow demons.

In a flashback to the Cretaceous era, she is briefly seen fleeing from Zennon's thunderbolts amongst other demons.


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