Jacon was a purple feline demon who tricked people into giving him their souls which revitalised his youth. He is the primary antagonist of the tewnty fourth episode of the Devilman anime.


Jacon's true form was a purple cat with elongated legs, arms and neck with effemanate features. Large paws and a long tail. He had a feminine looking face with red lips and green eyes.

He could also turn into a small normal looking cat, the only difference being was purple fur and green eyes.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Jacon was able to steal the souls of those he tricked into his farce deals, the souls kept him young and vitalised. He could emit electrical beams from his eyes and run at lightening fast speeds. He was also able to jump between dimensions although this may have been a power given to him by Muzan knowing his powers.


Jacon was sinister and prudish, he delighted in devouring the souls of those he absorbed. He was also on good terms with Muzan, with the Demon General paying his respects to the demon in his death.