Jason Bates is a scientist working for the Samuelson Institute leading the research in Devil Beasts and Devilmen. It is later revealed that he is a Devilman himself known as Bates Devilman. He served as an ally to Jun Fudo until losing to his wild side. His appearance is based on Jim Langer/Liger from the manga.

Appearance Edit

Jason is a Caucasian man with a fit build. He has short blonde hair with blue eyes and a squared face. His clothing consists of white lab clothes with a buttoned jacket and pants while a black shirt is worn underneath along with a necklace with a gray slab. As Bates Devilman, he has longer hair, his skin turns purple, he has black fur covering the lower half of his body, red eyes, and has a pair of large horns. As Giga Bates, he gains a pair of large wings on his back.

Personality Edit

Bates unlike Jun takes pride in being a devilman to the point of thinking of giving in to his more wild persona. He sees human need for order as a weakness that holds humanity back. This gets him scolded by Jun, with Bates in turn attracted to Jun only as Devilman Lady. He seems to be close with Lan Asuka, sharing a kiss with her at one point. Bates' catchphrase is "Fight" before beginning a battle.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Bates is a scientist specializing in genetics, studying the effects of the Devil Beast Syndrome. As Bates Devilman, he possesses great strength and agility but both are inferior to Devilman Lady. He is also able to take on physical characteristics of Devil Beasts by ingesting their blood. While he was originally unable to use the Giga Effect at will, in a time of crisis he is able to force his body to this state but unlike Lady who retains her reason, Bates loses control. He is able to fly with the wings on his back and possesses strength on par with Giga Lady.


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Trivia Edit

  • Bates' catchphrase comes form Ashita no Joe's Carlos Rivera. Both were played by the voice actor Ryusei Nakao.