Jinmen was a large hunched turtle-like demon with a sadistic personality. He appears in the original manga after having eaten the young girl Sachiko and adding her to his shell, which is decorated with living human faces. Despite only briefly appearing in the manga, he is still counted as somewhat of an icon of the franchise due to his personality and actions.

  • Jinmen (Manga): Jinmen's first appearance, he works with the demoness Aleda and another unnamed demon to kidnap people and kill them. He makes a mistake in challenging Devilman to a fight which leads to his demise. He later has a rematch with him in the manga Devilman Lady.
  • Jinmen (OVA): Jinmen, now with a more jagged appearance, murders and devours Akira's mother Suyako Fudo.
  • Jinmen (CB Chara): Jinmen is sent to try and stop Akira, but is quickly decapitated by Miki Makimura. Afterwards, he spends the rest of the series as Akira's talking head companion. This is the only time Jinmen has been a good guy (albeit reluctantly).
  • Jinmen (Grimoire): This time, Jinmen has been hiding in a human disguise under the name of "Mr. Death-Mask" and kills the demoness Illuge. He then goes after her best friend Aleda and attempts to add her also to his shell, but ends up literally losing his head.
  • Jinmen (Live Action): Appears to fight Akira in a forest, but is quickly killed.
  • Jinmen (Devilman vs Hades): Fights with Devilman as he searches through hell, only to have his shell torn off.
  • Jinmen (009 vs. Devilman): Comes into conflict with Akira Fudo.
  • Jinmen (AMON): Having a vastly differing design to his original, this Jinmen doesn't even come in contact with Akira.

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