Jinmen was a sadistic and perverse turtle-like demon serving as an antagonist in the manga Devilman Grimoire.


Jinmen resembles a large bipedal tortoise with a forked tongue. Jinmen's shell at times appears a regular shell seen in different images, but the pattern changes when Jinmen devours any lifeform (human, demon, etc). His Grimoire incarnation however is noticeably more draconian, having a far more crooked maw, spikes down his neck, and longer and thinner limbs.

Personality Edit

Similar to other counterparts, Jinmen is incredibly sadistic and cruel, taking great pleasure in the suffering of those trapped on his shell. However, this incarnation showed a higher level of cruelty when he raped the demoness Illuge as he tore her body to shreds, with her face watching from the back of Jinmen's shell. In spite of his otherwise full confidence, Jinmen is fearful of beings that he knows are more powerful than him such as Zennon. This shows that Jinmen only preys on the weak and only fights if he has a good chance to win.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jinmen would devour his victims, but was able to keep them alive only trapped on his shell. He could also fly and extend his limbs. He had heat pads on his hands capable of burning flesh and a large sharp beak and claws that could easily tear through able bodies.


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